With the improvement of drone technology and more flexible airspace regulation, UAVs are increasingly accessible, economical, and easy to use. 

SITECH has been in the UAV industry for over 9 years and has a robust product offering from a number of industry-leading manufacturers.

We’re excellently placed to help you understand what kind of solution might be appropriate for your project, how it can integrate into an existing workflow and what’s involved in developing or improving a UAV capability. 


Drone Solutions

Advanced air mobility – Navigate every environment.

Drones are rapidly transforming the delivery of goods and transportation of people, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to conventional methods. The automation of drones necessitates precise, dependable positioning and heading information in various environments to ensure the safety of goods and passengers.

With Trimble’s positioning solutions, you benefit from unmatched accuracy and performance, enabling your drone to navigate safely through any obstacle it encounters.

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Training

  • Support

Drone Hardware

DJI Phantom 4 RTK
DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone

Industry standard small/medium area survey system. Easy to use, Integrated mission planning, variety of RTK/PPK options 

Ebee X
Ebee X drone

Large area fixed-wing survey, <2kg compatible, variety of payloads .

DJI M300 + L1 Lidar
DJI M300 + L1 Lidar drone

Larger enterprise solution, integrated Lidar and office processing. Topo mapping through vegetation, powerlines, applications beyond photogrammetry  

Drone Software

Trimble Stratus/Propeller
Trimble Stratus/Propeller

Industry leading cloud based processing, analysis and sharing


Easy to use standalone photogrammetry to feed into survey/engineering software 

Drone Training

CASA <2kg category
CASA Drone training

Onsite training available, quick and easy way to get UAV operations started

CASA Licenced category
CASA Licenced category

REPL for Pilots and ReOC for Company

Get started with Drones and take your work to the next level