Thank you to all who participated in the April Mega Month of training with Trimble and your local Trimble dealers - UPG, SITECH CS, SITECH NZ, AllTerra and BuildingPoint .  All the sessions were recorded and are available through this page, or through the various Youtube accounts.

The FREE 30 day codes for Trimble Business Centre and Trimble RealWorks is still available, but they are running out quickly.  If you've always wanted to try these programs, just contact us for your free code here: We hope you'll take advantage of this amazing resource! And remember, if you have any questions you can call us on 1800 748 324 (Australia) and 0800 4 748324 (New Zealand).


TBC - Basics for SITECH

A specific look at TBC for SITECH customers, how it can be used to improve standard workflows and send data to the field.



Introduction to TBC

Look at what TBC is, where it fits and what it offers users in terms of tools and functionality. This also takes a basic look at the user interface and how to get up and running.



Adjustment in TBC (Traverse and Network)

A look at how adjustments are handled in TBC for both Traverse and Network adjustments.



Drafting in TBC

A look at the different tools TBC has for drafting and plotting.



Data Preparation in TBC

How data preparation tools in TBC function, and how they can be used to improve the handling of data.



Using TBC to Communicate with the Field

How TBC uses Trimble Connect to communicate with the field.



TBC and UAS Master

A deep dive into drone processing for customers using TBC and UAS Master.


Survey Commands and COGO

Look at the survey commands in TBC and what it offers, as well as looking at the COGO commands and how to use them.



GPS Baseline Processing

How to process GPS baselines in TBC.



Working with Point Clouds

Run-through of working with Point Clouds in TBC, including different scanner types and how to process the data.



Trimble Hardware

A look at some of the Trimble Hardware that is regularly used and how it functions.



WorksManager Office to Field

A look at some of the Office and Field SITECH workflows.


Trimble Mixed Reality

Working through the different mixed reality product Trimble has to offer and how they work.



Working with Trimble Access

A look at how Trimble Access works and some of the tips and tricks involved with using it.



Introduction to TerraFlex

A cloud-based solution that provides you with the tools to streamline your GIS data collection and maintenance workflows and delivers high accuracy positioning when you need it.



Reducing As Staked Fieldwork

Working through how to reduce as staked fieldwork in TBC.



Introduction to Trimble RealWorks

An introduction to Trimble RealWorks, looking at what it can do and how it functions for beginners. Including how to bring data in and register scans.



Trimble RealWorks Functions

A deeper look at some of the more advanced functions in Trimble RealWorks.



Introduction to FieldLink

A look at how FieldLink works and what it can do for users in the field.


Working with Point Clouds

Run-through of working with Point Clouds in TBC, including different scanner types and how to process the data.



Trimble Connect Deep Dive

A look at Trimble Connect, how it works and how to share data between products, as well as highlight data visualisations.



Connecting Trimble Products

A look at some of the different Trimble products and how they can all work with each other.



Trimble Stratus

What is Trimble Stratus? Success stories, How it works, and what it can do for you.



Introduction to Catalyst

Delivering accuracy on-demand for any location-enabled field workflow by leveraging the computing power and convenience of the Android device that is already in your pocket.



Using Point Clouds in Tekla

Work through on how Point Clouds are handled within Tekla.



Trimble X7 - FieldLink and Perspective

A look at the X7 and how FieldLink and Perspective work with the instrument.



Topographic Survey Processing and CAD Tools

How to process feature data in TBC and use CAD tools to efficiently edit the data collected.  Also looks at how to edit raw field data in TBC.



FXL and Template Setup

Look at how FXLs work in TBC and the components involved in them, including a look at how to set them up and customise them. This session also covers how to create a template for setting up projects.



Introduction to SiteVision

A user-friendly outdoor augmented reality system that brings data to life so you can visualise and explore complex information with unrivaled accuracy.



SketchUp in Construction

Showcasing how SketchUp is being used to build Virtual Design & Construction 3D models. Demo will highlight 3D detailing, as well as PlusSpec (SketchUp extension for construction & estimating).



Ask the experts

Ever had a question about how something works, or why we do it that way? Patch in to this webinar to ask the experts. A combined team will be online to answer your questions, co-hosted with Trimble, UPG, Allterra NZ, and HL Geospatial.



Trimble Scan Essentials for SketchUp

Looking at scanning and SketchUp with Trimble Scan Essentials.


Trimble Software QA Session

A QA session with the team to raise questions, issues and queries.