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The construction business today is tough enough – you don’t need to worry about your technology too. That’s why SITECH Construction Systems is offering you an exceptional protection plan on Trimble Excavator Cab Kits – an additional 2 years warranty, making the new 3 year warranty the best on the market today.

The warranty covers:

  • CB460 Display

  • 2 x GPS Receivers

  • Radio

Total cost of ownership:

  • Three year protection plan on your hardware*

  • Three years updates on your firmware and software*

  • Support loan equipment if yours is in for repair

  • Access to the best service in our business from SITECH CS with labour costs covered for support*

  • Outstanding phone support – 1800 SITECH – so you get help when you need it

This, together with the knowledge that Trimble has the most ruggedized Excavator kit on the market, is just an added security for our customers.

SITECH protection plans – not because Trimble systems need it, because our customers deserve it.

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*  Terms and Conditions.

The SITECH solutions are well known for their superior quality and robustness.  They are designed to offer you years of uninterrupted productivity improvement.  In the rare occasion your SITECH hardware or software is not working as expected, we will make sure you are back in business as soon as possible with support equipment provided under this 3 year warranty agreement whilst yours is in for repair.

SITECH CS warrants all repair work and parts, provided the repair has been made by an authorised Trimble service centre, like SITECH Construction Systems with its factory trained and certified technicians.  Vehicle travel and labour are covered for up to 5 hours during the 3 year warranty period.  Flights, accommodation and drives over 5 hours will be charged to the customer.

‘Firmware’ means software used in the hardware device to enable the different hardware systems to communicate and function together.  These functions would be essential to performance of the hardware device.

‘Software’ as referenced by the warranty addresses those functions that are considered to represent the user interface with the hardware device.  The User Interface is configurable by the end user.

You will only be entitled to a 3 year protection plan if you  purchase 2 x MS99X receivers, 1 x Radio and 1 x CB460 with Excavator only or full indicate codes.


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