Tight tolerances required for airport repaving

Suit-Kote won the job of resurfacing the 2 126meter long by 45 meter wide Ithaca-Thompkins airport runway. The Federal Aviation Administration mandates tight tolerances for airports. This combined with a tight deadline, the airport was shut to complete the work, meant Suit-Kote had to work efficiently. To do this they turned to SITECH Northeast in upstate New York.

SITECH were able to provide Suit-Kote with the Trimble PCS900 paving control system. This allowed them to keep the tight specs, demanding deadlines and to reduce high material costs and avoid string line problems. See their story below.

Egg carton surface no challenge for Stanley MacAdam with Trimble Paving Control


Stanley MacAdam, a partnership between Henry and Ray Stanley, is a family owned and operated business which began in Ireland over forty years ago. Recently the company has established itself in Australia carrying out Ashphalt and roading-based projects around the country.

Henry and Ray approached SITECH last year about a complex design for a new car park near Brisbane airport. They were looking to carry out the project using their new generation Dynapac SD2500CS paver – the first in Australia.

Henry Stanley says, “The car park designs were very complex – the physical shape was like an egg carton so we knew from the beginning that we couldn’t use traditional construction methods to complete the job.

“We got together with the team at SITECH and Dynapac to talk about how we could go about making the project work. SITECH confirmed their Trimble 3D paving solution could do the job and the three parties worked together to integrate the technology.

“What was great was there was no need for additional wiring to connect the Trimble paving control system into the smart Dynapac screed-control electronics, this was because it recognised the connected sensor automatically. We were very pleasantly surprised at how simply the two systems worked together,” Stanley says.

Brent Daniel, Corporate Account Manager for SITECH, says, “What really made the difference for this particular project was the ability for us to bring in our Data Services team who could carry out the design and data prep work for the car park using Business Centre software. The as-constructed surface and 3D design model was combined to create the uncompacted surface, this was fed directly into the paver using our PCS900 3D paving technology and enabled the Dynapac paver to effortlessly carry out the complex job. Guided by Trimble’s High Accuracy SPS930 Universal Total Station, the results exceeded all expectations with respect to tolerances and final shape.

“Whilst the car park has now been successfully complete, SITECH will continue to offer Stanley MacAdam ongoing training and support with their paving system,” Daniel says.

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