Connected Field Services

The most common complaints of field service workers is that they lacked the skills or the right tools for the job. By streamlining your process you can become more efficient. By getting the right data to the right resources you can build customer satisfaction.

This infographic from Trimble Pulse highlights a number of key area where the field services supply chain should be connected. It also shows how applying field service technology, such as work order management software, schedule and dispatch software and mobile field services apps, can help to achieve this.

Connected field service infographic

Find out more on the Trimble Pulse blog.

Connectivity at bauma 2016

bauma 2016, the 31st edition of the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, was held in Munich in April. This year’s show attracted 3 423 exhibitors and over half a million visitors from more than 200 countries.

One of those exhibitors impressing visitors was Trimble, showing their connected site. They also showed how UAVs and mobile mapping systems can be used to boost safety and efficiency on construction sites.

Caterpillar and its German dealer, Zeppelin Baumaschinen GMbH also had a strong presence and showcased safety, productivity and equipment management solutions. As well as more than 60 products.

The three main themes of the show were connectivity, efficiency and productivity, which fit nicely with Trimble’s connected site and recent announcements on integrations and partnerships with major OEMs.

While Caterpillar chose this opportunity to feature the Age of Smart Iron and to highlight how jobsites can be connected and the industry can evolve.

Held every three years, the next bauma is to take place in April 2019 in Munich. It will be exciting to see how far the industry advances with connectivity, efficiency and productivity in that time.

How satellite technology works

Ever wondered how construction GPS satellite position works? Or how your mobile phone knows where you are for that matter?

This short KnowHow video from our partners in the US takes a step back, and explores the basic technology and capabilities of the satellite positioning we simply call, GPS

100 foot = ~ 30m
10 foot = ~3m
1/10 foot = 3cm