Trimble Tilos planning tool provides a simplified, visual look at your construction project. Our advanced technology software for linear infrastructure projects combine time and distance into one graphical view to help you stay on schedule.

Plan and manage linear construction projects in one, robust software tool

  • Interoperability

    Tilos linear scheduling works and connects to other major planning tools to help deliver your master plan in chosen application

  • Office-to-Field Integration

    Simplify communication between office and field with visibility to the ongoing and latest design, which is useful for planning purposes in the field.

  • Integrated software

    Bi-directional data exchange between Tilos and the civil BIM model. Share the schedule to the BIM model, making its information accessible to all stakeholders.

  • Data Import

    Make a quick start on your schedule by inserting land and road elevations, cut/fill segments, cut/fill material volumes, road construction material volumes, structure locations from the feasibility report.

Scenario Optimisation

The linear perspective of Tilos scheduling software accommodates the nuances of having equipment and resources spread across a large area in civil construction. Run project simulations by connecting the schedule and a map of your project, then easily compare and see the differences to make the best decision to move forward with planning. Our time chainage software visualisations will help you plan and schedule out your civil construction project.

Trimble Construction Software Project Scheduling Scenario Optimisation
Trimble Construction Software Project Scheduling Schedule Visualisation

Schedule Visualisation

Easily see your construction schedule and progress through our time chainage planning software and visualisation platform. Advanced time-location planning of assets and resources creates a simple snapshot of where the project stands at all times. Schedule visualisation of the project plan is presented in a way that construction teams can quickly view and understand.

Production Monitoring

Monitor progress on your civil construction project closely by adding completion information to Tilos scheduling software. Forecast and visualise the impact of remaining work to stay on schedule. Use our construction linear scheduling software to run a location-based progress analysis. You’ll be able to baseline and plan productivity compared to actual progress on your project to really get the most out of every working hour.

Production Monitoring
Optimal Mass Handling

Optimal Mass Handling

Tilos scheduling software is optimised for the planning of mass haulage and materials on construction projects. The movement of material around a large physical civil construction site is coordinated through our time chainage software for ideal project execution. Know where your materials and assets are at all times.

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