Herga Group Companies

Herga, Herga Group, or Herga Group Company is used to describe the Herga Group of Companies, which includes all companies or businesses wholly or majority-owned or managed by Herga Holdings Pty Ltd or a Herga Holdings Pty Ltd nominee.

Current at May 2021 the following entities form part of the Herga Group:

  • Ultimate Positioning Group Pty Ltd ACN 135 812 903;
  • SITECH Construction Systems Pty Ltd ACN 135 939 507;
  • BuildingPoint Australia Pty Ltd ACN 165 100 327;
  • Information Alignment Pty Ltd ACN 102 630 535;
  • Civil Pro Software Pty Ltd ACN 645 136 661; and
  • any related body corporate, affiliate, or an associated entity of the above-listed entities.