Overpass bridge replaced in 57 hours

According to a report by the Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center, in Florida, a bridge was replaced in just 57 hours. The bridge is the Route 30 bridge over Bessemer Avenue in Pennsylvania.

The project used accelerated bridge construction to speed up the process. The bridge was constructed with precast concrete abutment caps, modular deck beams, and precast concrete approach slabs. The six modular deck beams consist of two steel I-girders, which were connected with ultra-high performance concrete deck joints.

See the time lapse video below or check out the article on Equipment World’s Better Roads for more.

Trimble Updates



Having the latest version means you have the software or firmware’s latest features and advances and can be functioning at your best. That’s why we’re bringing you Trimble’s latest updates.



Heavy Civil Installation Manager has been replaced with Trimble Installation Manager

Heavy Civil Construction Installation Manager (HCCIM) will no longer be supported by Trimble, as of last week, and will be replaced by Trimble® Installation Manager (TIM).

TIM is used to install and update supported Trimble® software to a field controller connected to an office computer or tablet, or an office computer or tablet running TIM.

After the 19th October, the next time you run HCCIM on your desktop, laptop, or Trimble Site Tablet it will automatically be uninstalled and updated to TIM. You do not have to take any action to receive this update. There will be no impact to the way Trimble SCS90 Site Controller Software, Trimble SitePulse™, and Trimble DPS900 Machine Control Systems are downloaded onto licensed controllers.

You can find more information on Trimble Installation Manager on the Trimble website.

Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software version 3.53

product-SCS900The new version of Trimble SCS900 Site controller Software, version 3.53, is now available for download.

This new version contains several enhancements, including:

  • Support for the Trimble Site Tablet 10
  • Pinch to zoom on Trimble Site Tablet
  • 3D surface view on Site Tablet
  • Remeasure existing control points
  • Fine stakeout guide orientation selection
  • Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System export of 3D linework as SVL format

You can load the software and its modules through the Trimble Installation Manager.

Trimble SitePulse Software version 1.60

product-sitepulseTrimble SitePulse™ Software version 1.60 is now available for download. The new version contains several enhancements to features, including:

  • Access to previously created reports within the app
  • Measured point information
  • Wi-Fi rover support

You can load the software and its modules through the Trimble Installation Manager, or via the Google Play Store.

If you would like to learn more about these updates, contact your local SITECH office.

The Internet of Things in Civil Construction

iot-250x150The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the new buzz word used to describe how more and more things are connecting to the internet. Things like your fridge, your phone, washing machine and almost anything else you can think of.

This also includes your machinery, though connecting your fleet to the office is not a new concept to those aware of the Trimble Connected Site.

IoT is starting to play a large role in the building industry. Already designers are starting to include smart features into their buildings, like blinds that automatically move to block the sun using its connection to the internet. Or a building using this connection to conserve energy by finding a way to heat or cool naturally.

This type of interaction with the structures we use on a daily basis can easily be extended into the civil area.

Imagine a bridge that will provide you with up-to-date information on its congestion. What about solving traffic and congestion issues, as well as parking in cities. Solutions like this could ease the way for the next generation of connected, autonomous vehicles. The IoT is already being tested in the USA to synchronize traffic signals. They are also testing sensors in the roads to provide up-to-date parking information.

With the IoT growing and expanding into all areas and its solutions becoming expected conveniences, it becomes important for those in all areas to be aware of it and that it almost certainly will impact their work in the future.

The inspiration for this article came from the CONSTRUCTECH blog Using IoT to Build Construction by Peggy Smedley.