Trimble GCS900 GCS receiver compatibility

In order to use an MS992 or MS990 Receiver with the newly released MS995 Receiver in a dual configuration on a dozer or grader, users must be running Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System version 13.10 or Cat® AccuGrade™ version 13.10.

Running previous versions of the grade control system in a mixed receiver configuration will result in incorrect system guidance. Upgrading to version 13.10 corrects this issue.

You are eligible to upgrade if you have a current Trimble Protected Firmware plan.
If you would like further information on this upgrades, or Trimble Protected, please contact your local SITECH office or call head office on 07 3851 8370.

Trimble GCS900 version 13.1

Recently Trimble announced Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System, version 13.1 and Caterpillar announced the Cat AccuGrade, version 13.1. This is a major release that adds new functionality to all machine types, making this the most feature-rich version to date.

Some of the new features include customer colour mapping, navigate to point, and excavator centreline marker.

Custom Color Mapping

The new version enables users to customise the colour scheme for a variety of options, including pass count. This is available for all mapping machine types. Asphalt compactors have the additional functionality to customise the alarm logic for temperature mapping.


Navigate to Point

Navigate to Point allows you to enter a pre-loaded point manually. This can be done from a locally stored .CSV file or a previously recorded Northern, Easting and Elevation point. You can then enable specific text items from the text items menu, for example navigation direction, distance and cut/fill.


Excavator Centerline Marker

GCS900 version 13.1 brings back the centerline marker for excavators. It is shown as a green line on the counterweight of the excavator icon. This gives a visual indication of the machine centreline. The centreline marker can be especially useful when trenching or tracking backwards along an alignment as it helps keep the back of the machine inline.


You are eligible to upgrade if you have a current Trimble Protected Firmware plan.

If you would like further information on this upgrades, or Trimble Protected, please contact your local SITECH office or call head office on 07 3851 8370.

Graders move into the mainstream

Landsborough-Grays_0887smallMotor graders traditionally have been used for finish grading, while the ‘heavy equipment’ took on the rough grading. However new technology is now allowing graders to be more versatile, cost effective and efficient.

Technology that enables precision grade control and stakeless construction. It means the humble motor grader can now be used for much more, including parking lots, landscaping, and golf courses. As well as its typical tasks like construction and maintenance of gravel and dirt roads.


Efficiency helps complete earthworks project early

georgiou-250x150When Georgiu Group, a national building construction, engineering and property development company, were awarded a land development project, they took this opportunity to review their productivity and cost control. The six-month project in Alkimos, Western Australia, involved moving 600,000 cubic meters of sand, rock and limestone 1.5 kilometers between the cut and fill zones. The site measured 2 kilometers long by approximately 600 meters wide. To get a better understanding of payloads, movement of material, and the productivity of operators and mass haul routes, Georgiou turned to SITECH WA.

In the past, Georgiou manually collected payload data to map to cost centres. They had no access to real-time data on productivity and material movement leading to potentially inaccurate and sometimes delayed information.

On this project, the team adopted a range of Trimble® solutions including: the 3D GCS900 Grade Control System, 2D Project Monitoring on Haul assets and LOADRITE X2350 excavator scales. Data from this hardware was used by InsightHQ and VisionLink® software to improve productivity, increase data transparency and accuracy, and therefore reduce costs. Georgiou used Business Center – Heavy Construction Edition (HCE) software for Mass Haul Analysis and Design Creation.

Georgiou saw benefits in the following areas

  • 33% project time reduction and 25% hauling productivity gain through transparency of payloads
  • Real-time visibility of cost to move material, load times, and other vital production data
  • Quickly-defined optimal haul zones using Business Center – HCE
  • Ability to monitor where material was removed and dropped
  • Improved productivity with access to accurate, automatic production and volume reports

Read the full story of how Georgiou used the Trimble technology to increase productivity and finish the project early on the Trimble website.

Oitagawa Dam Build with Trimble Grade Control

OitagawaDam-250x150When your city has suffered a significant flood, the development of your reservoirs becomes even more important. This was certainly the case with the Oitagawa Dam, located in Kyushu, the third largest island in Japan. The construction of this new dam requires moving 1.39 million cubic meters of earth, and constructing the dam wall to be 100 meters high and 500 meters wide.

The slope and vertical elevations required for meeting the dam design lead the contractors to investigate Intelligent Construction Technology. With Grade Control Systems, Site Positioning Essentials Kits, a total station and the assistance of their local Trimble dealer the contractors were able to reduce data prep and management to 30 minutes per day. The project also required 90% less staking than traditional methods.

Find out how they did it in the case study.