Introducing the Future of Excavation to Hitachi

Introducing the Future of Excavation. SITECH Construction Systems has partnered with Hitachi in South Australia to equip their ZX135US-7 medium excavator with the cutting-edge Trimble Earthworks Compact SE system. This marks the system’s debut installation, promising enhanced efficiency and precision in excavation operations.

Introducing the Future of Excavation with Hitachi

The Trimble Earthworks Compact SE system represents a significant leap in excavation technology, offering compact yet powerful solutions at a competitive price point. Its adaptability and ease of installation, facilitated by the same Plug & Play Kit used across Trimble Earthworks systems, streamline integration with the Hitachi ZX135US-7 excavator. Dedicated brackets provided by SITECH ensure a seamless fit without the need for welding, so minimising downtime for customers.

Equipped with a suite of components tailored for optimal excavation performance, the system includes a Samsung Active Tablet for intuitive control, dual Trimble MS956 Receivers for enhanced positioning accuracy, and dual Trimble GA810 Antennas for reliable signal reception.

Hitachi Excavator

Additionally, it features the Trimble EC520 with Earthworks SE, delivering advanced functionality and productivity-enhancing features. The system also ensures seamless connectivity and data management with the SNM941 Modem and includes a one-year subscription to Trimble WorksManager.

Customers had the opportunity to experience the Trimble Earthworks Compact SE system firsthand during a demonstration event, showcasing its precision, efficiency, and ease of use on the Hitachi ZX135US-7 excavator. So this introduction represents a significant advancement in excavation technology, set to revolutionise operations in South Australia and beyond.

Introducing the future of Excavation

So as SITECH and Hitachi continue to drive technological innovation forward, the future of excavation is brighter than ever.

Thanks to the team at Hitachi for inviting us along to share your day.  We had a blast!