Stay Ahead of the Storm: Prepare for Solar Max with Trimble IonoGuard™

The Sun is heading towards a period of peak activity known as solar maximum, predicted for 2025. This 11-year cycle can significantly impact GNSS signals, causing delays, instability, and ultimately hindering your precision positioning capabilities.

Don’t let solar activity disrupt your operations. Trimble IonoGuard provides the most effective solution to mitigate these disruptions and ensure maximum uptime.

How Solar Max Affects GNSS

Solar activity releases increased radiation and charged particles, which can disrupt the Earth’s ionosphere. This, in turn, affects the propagation of GNSS signals, leading to:

  • Signal delays: Your GNSS receiver may take longer to receive and process signals, resulting in inaccurate positioning data.
  • Signal instability: Fluctuations in the ionosphere can cause the GNSS signal to weaken or become erratic, leading to jumps and inconsistencies in your positioning data.
  • Reduced accuracy: The combined effect of delays and instability can significantly reduce the accuracy of your GNSS measurements, impacting your ability to perform precise tasks.

Trimble IonoGuard: Your Partner for Reliable Positioning

Trimble IonoGuard leverages advanced algorithms to predict and correct ionospheric disturbances, ensuring accurate and reliable GNSS positioning even during peak solar activity. Its key features include:

  • Real-time ionospheric correction: Provides continuous updates to compensate for ionospheric delays and improve positioning accuracy.
  • Global coverage: Delivers seamless operation across the globe, regardless of your location.
  • Easy integration: Works seamlessly with your existing Trimble GNSS receiver, requiring minimal configuration.

Maximise Your IonoGuard Experience

To fully utilise the capabilities of Trimble IonoGuard, ensure your GNSS receiver firmware is updated to the latest version. This update allows your receiver to communicate seamlessly with IonoGuard and deliver the most accurate and reliable positioning results.

Contact us today to learn more about Trimble IonoGuard and how it can help you stay ahead of the solar storm – 1800 SITECH or Email.

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