Stockpile Reports Lite is now available in Australia.

Measuring stockpiles on your iPhone

 Innovative technology is enabling builders to measure stockpiles more quickly and easily than ever, saving significant time and costs, explains URC Ventures CEO David Boardman.

Measuring stockpiles of material has traditionally taken considerable time, money and effort. Accurate measurement reports are crucial to finance and accounting – and getting it wrong can mean money lost, unaccounted for or written off. It can even lead to disputes and a long, costly road to resolution.

Traditional surveying and measurement teams, which can take time and cost to secure and transport to site, use techniques such as drilling into stockpiles and LiDAR laser measurement equipment to gauge the volume of material. However, innovative technology has delivered a game changing solution for builders and the wider aggregate industry.

Any stockpile can now be quantified by using the new Stockpile Reports Lite iPhone app. It allows professionals to measure piled material themselves by simply pointing an iPhone at the material and walking around it. The measurement results are accessible right away, for a small fraction of the typical cost and well before the time it would take a measurement crew to even show up.


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