The Trimble Roadworks 3D Paving Control Platform, including Trimble 3D Asphalt Paving, revolutionises asphalt paving with highly accurate, automatic 3D screed control. By directly referencing the design, it boosts productivity, ensures rideability, and reduces asphalt usage and waste.

Compatible with traditional asphalt paving machines featuring a tractor and hydraulically controlled floating screed, Roadworks accommodates various materials including hot asphalt, cold recycled asphalt, road base, gravel, concrete treated base, and sand.

Trimble 3D Asphalt Paving

Enhance paving precision while conserving materials.

Roadworks achieves 3-6 mm asphalt accuracy, ideal for airports, highways, and large surfaces. With precise 3D screed control, you can:

  • Address high and low areas early, saving on materials.
  • Improve road smoothness with less asphalt.
  • Execute intricate designs like transitions and curves effortlessly.
  • Meet accuracy standards, potentially earning bonuses.

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