Trimble Groundworks is a construction software solution. It’s designed to streamline construction workflows, improve collaboration between field and office teams, and enhance productivity on construction sites. Trimble Groundworks integrates various aspects of construction project management, including project planning, data collection, progress tracking, and reporting.

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Verso 12 with Groundworks


Key features and benefits include:

  • Stakeless Operation: Minimise workload and costs with stakeless drilling or piling, reducing the need for layout.
  • Safety: Keep personnel safe by minimising their proximity to machines and issuing alerts when entering avoidance zones.
  • Operator Fatigue: Reduce operator fatigue by minimising paperwork.
  • Improved Site Efficiency: Stakeless navigation and minimal layout decrease workload, rework, and errors.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Reduce risks by keeping personnel away from machines and providing alerts for avoidance zones.
  • Precision: Auto Stop feature ensures drilling only to the defined elevation, maintaining accuracy.
  • Continuous Workflow: 2D workflow allows uninterrupted operation during GNSS signal loss.
  • In-Field Planning: Plan drills and access quality/production reports on-site.
  • High Accuracy: Achieve very high accuracy and precision using RTK positioning technology.
  • Versatility: Navigate to inclined or vertical holes from any direction.
  • Data Logging: Record as-built data during operations for comprehensive documentation.


Ensure continuous machine operation with the Trimble VERSO 12 and Trimble Groundworks. These rugged and fully connected systems keep your machines active around the clock. With an intuitive touchscreen interface, navigation becomes effortless and efficient, maximising productivity without downtime.

• Rugged VERSO 12 display
• Clearly see avoidance zones for safer sites
• Configurable views
• Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
• Modern colourful graphics

Verso 12 with Groundworks
Optimised 3d Drill or pile plans


Achieve optimal results with streamlined drill or pile plans using Trimble Business Center software. Quickly generate comprehensive quality and production reports to enhance project efficiency. With Trimble Business Center and Trimble Groundworks, increased profitability is within reach.

As part of the Trimble Connected Site portfolio, Groundworks serves as an integrated solution that bridges the gap between office and field operations, resulting in minimised rework, increased productivity, and enhanced profitability.

Key features include:

  • Trimble Business Center: Facilitates the creation and management of design data, reducing costly mistakes.
  • Connected Community: Enables cloud-based sharing of design data, ensuring operators have access to the latest information.
  • As-Built Data Collection: Groundworks collects as-built data, allowing Trimble Business Center to generate accurate quality, production, and utilisation reports.

Additionally, Trimble WorksManager Software simplifies the management of connected design data and facilitates asset tracking across multiple project sites, ensuring up-to-date information and efficient operations.


  • Drilling
  • Piling
  • Solar farm construction
  • Blast hole drilling
  • Structural piling
  • Wick drain installation
  • Continuous flight augering (CFA/auger cast piling)
  • Anchor/monopile drilling
  • Dynamic compaction

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