The Trimble Paving Control Platform for Asphalt Compactors represents the next generation Intelligent Asphalt Compaction (IC) system, aimed at enhancing the speed, accuracy, and user-friendliness of asphalt compaction operations for operators at all skill levels. Featuring an intuitive Android interface on a large touch screen, it offers real-time temperature mapping, compaction progress monitoring, pass counts tracking, and optional display and recording of asphalt density.

This system is particularly well-suited for asphalt and hot mix asphalt compaction tasks, meeting specifications for target density, pass count, and asphalt temperature control in various applications such as highway and railway construction, residential pads, commercial sites, parking lots, and sports fields.

Trimble Roadworks Asphalt compactors


Intelligent Compaction ensures precise control over asphalt compaction, minimising costly mistakes and unnecessary passes. Roadworks allows contractors to achieve target compaction density efficiently, reducing rework and ensuring durability.

Key features include real-time monitoring of compaction density and site volumes, temperature range control, and compliance with DOT or private job specifications, enhancing project quality and longevity.


Actionable data

Supervisors and quality managers oversee real-time compaction activities, while operators promptly address areas needing further attention.

Office-only licenses provide extended functionality, allowing for comprehensive data collection and documentation to enhance layer management. Analysis in the office generates detailed reports meeting project specifications, with continuous monitoring of pass counts and compaction measurement values enabling timely corrective action. This approach improves testing success, reduces rework, operator hours, and ongoing machine maintenance costs, while optimising fuel use and machine time by minimising over-compaction.

Additionally, it facilitates better understanding of completed work and increases work opportunities through direct import of field data files into the Veta software platform, providing a competitive edge in the bidding process.

Trimble WorksManager Data

Office-To-Field Connectivity

Enhance efficiency and reduce waste through seamless communication and data transfer with Trimble WorksManager and Trimble WorksOS—mobile-friendly software for streamlined management of data and technology assets across job sites.

Utilise the Trimble SNM941 Connected Site Gateway to wirelessly and automatically transfer 3D designs from the office to the machine, ensuring operators always have the latest design.

Additionally, productivity data collected from the machine can effortlessly sync back to the office, promoting productivity and accuracy throughout operations.

Asphalt Compactor Single GNSS System
Asphalt Compactor Universal Total Station System

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