Trimble Stratus is a cloud-based platform that provides aerial intelligence solutions for the construction industry. It utilises drones to capture high-resolution aerial imagery and generate 3D models, orthomosaics, and digital surface models of job sites. These insights help construction professionals monitor progress, track changes, and make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

Additionally, Trimble Stratus offers advanced analytics tools for volume calculations, cut/fill analysis, and stockpile measurement, enabling efficient project management and optimisation of earthwork operations.

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Trimble Stratus

Trimble Stratus Software aids civil contractors in leveraging drones for precise mapping, measurement, and sharing of worksite data. Enhance decision-making, minimise errors, and boost profitability with instant access to accurate information.

  • Confidently Plan and Estimate
  • Survey Frequently and Faster
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Take Control


  • Site volumes: Calculate material volumes for pits, stockpiles, etc.
  • Design checks: Upload and compare design files, measure distances, slopes, and heights.
  • Sub-contractor management: Perform volume calculations for progress payments, share visual timeline for disputes resolution.
  • Road and traffic management: Measure road parameters, optimise traffic plans, track haul road conformance.
  • Safety: Survey hazardous areas with drones, inspect sites remotely, track slope angle changes.
  • Environmental responsibilities: Obtain detailed images for regulatory compliance.
  • Project efficiency: Integrates with Trimble software, conduct accurate surveys, tighter plans and budgets, fewer site visits, streamlined data sharing.
Trimble Stratus drone data analytics
Trimble Stratus How It Works


  • Place ground control.
  • Fly drone over site.
  • Upload ground control.
  • Upload drone images.
  • Dataset is processed.
  • Analyze and share site maps and models.

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