Trimble’s vision of a far more efficient future

Trimble is offering a future with more efficient, optimised construction operations for faster project delivery.

The global pandemic has had a huge impact all around the globe, with the threat to human health affecting all industries and all activities. However, the latest technology is offering solutions and helping firms to adopt systems that are already available. This is certainly becoming apparent in the construction sector, where contractors and technology suppliers are meeting the many challenges posed by the pandemic.

Construction activity was halted initially by the pandemic in many areas but then was able to commence again by following new practices, with technology playing a key role. Pete Large is in charge of civil construction field solutions at Trimble and he believes that the pandemic has certainly affected the adoption of technology in construction. He commented, “In the civil engineering sector we’re definitely seeing some trends there.”

Large believes that the need for social distancing on construction sites has led to changes in the way personnel work. He thinks that one way this has been apparent is how 3D data is transferred to construction equipment onsite. In past years, this has been done manually, “…a lot of customers have been taking sticks to machines.”