An exciting collaboration has emerged between SITECH Construction Systems and Webbair, two prominent providers of technology solutions for the construction, earthmoving, mining, and rail sectors.

This marks a significant milestone, promising to revolutionise the industry by offering a comprehensive technology solution. From productivity enhancements to safety systems and plant protection, customers can expect a holistic approach to their needs.

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Webbair Prolec System

Webbair Auto Electrical, established in 1996, focuses exclusively on meeting the electrical and air conditioning needs of the Earthmoving industry. Nationally recognised for its specialised services, Webbair has evolved to address the growing importance of safety in the industry.

In 2011, WebbairProlec was formed to specialise in machine control, leading the integration of innovative solutions for customer safety and productivity for over two decades.


Webbair height limiters are safety devices designed to prevent overhead collisions by restricting the maximum height a vehicle or equipment can reach. These limiters utilise sensors or other technologies to detect obstacles and activate warning signals or automatically stop the vehicle if necessary.

They are commonly used in industries such as construction, mining, and transportation to enhance safety and prevent damage to equipment and infrastructure.

Webbair specialiSes in providing height limiters as part of their range of safety solutions for the earthmoving industry.

webbair height limiters
Webbair slew limiters


Webbair slew limiters are safety devices used in machinery to control the rotational movement, or slewing, of equipment. They are designed to prevent the machinery from exceeding safe angles or boundaries during operation, reducing the risk of accidents, collisions, or damage to surrounding structures.

Slew limiters typically use sensors or monitoring systems to detect the position and movement of the equipment and automatically restrict the slewing motion when necessary. These devices are crucial for enhancing safety on construction sites, mining operations, and other industries where heavy machinery is used.

Webbair offers slew limiters as part of their comprehensive range of safety solutions for the earthmoving industry.


Webbair load management oversees load distribution in industries like earthmoving and construction, ensuring safe equipment operation. It prevents accidents and structural damage by monitoring load limits and preventing overloading issues.

Webbair’s solutions include devices, sensors, and software providing real-time data on load weights and distribution. Operators use this information to maintain safety and efficiency on the job site.

Webbair load management
Webbair RFID detection Systems


Webbair’s RFID detection systems track and monitor equipment, assets, or personnel in industries like construction, mining, and logistics. These systems use RFID tags with stored information and readers to capture and transmit data wirelessly.

In Webbair’s context, RFID systems ensure safety by tracking vehicle and personnel movements and monitoring equipment usage. They also manage maintenance schedules and handle inventory and asset tracking tasks efficiently.

Webbair’s RFID technology offers real-time visibility and control over resources, boosting efficiency, safety, and productivity in industrial settings.

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