A dam good project

An airport project proved very down to earth for two local firms, with Trimble playing a big part in the assignment.

Adamson Earthmovers worked with Roughan Haulage and Excavations to deliver two large scale dams for the Lilydale Airport in regional Victoria.

Brad Adamson from Adamson Earthmovers used the in-field design feature on his GCS900 system to create the 3D design for the two dams he built for Matt Roughan of Roughan Haulage & Excavations.
Brad has a Trimble GCS900 installed on his Hitachi ZX225 excavator working on this job.

He also has a Hitachi ZX135 fitted with Trimble GCS900 that is currently working on level crossing removal projects in Victoria while Matt Roughan recently had a Trimble GCS900 installed on his new Sumitomo excavator SH235-6 that is also working on the Lilydale Airport dam project.

“Adamson Earthmovers was started in early 2017,” Brad said.

“We are a detailed excavation and GPS specialist company based in Melbourne and only employ the best operators and buy the best equipment on the market.

“Matt from Roughan Haulage and Excavations won the Lilydale project by offering the client perfectly excavated dams with the use of our Trimble GPS systems without the need or extra cost of a surveyor or designer being involved.

“The client required the dams to be excavated to the precise measurements, to ensure the dams can hold maximum water volumes but without needing more plastic than had been ordered.

“We achieved this by creating a ‘in-field design’ using our Trimble GCS900 systems.

“We excavated just over 4000m3 on the first dam and 4500m3 on the second dam.”

So why did Adamson Earthmovers choose Trimble?

“We chose Trimble GPS because of the reliability of the product and features such as the ability to create in-field designs meaning we could target jobs like this one,” Brad said.

“Using the in-field design feature with GPS means I can arrive at a job, create a design and be working within five minutes.”

Brad also put a drone up during the project, capturing stunning footage of the dams taking shape, not to mention the precision he and his team could achieve thanks to their Trimble technology.

Both firms have strong social media presences – you can find them on Instagram at @adamson_earthmovers and @rougham. You can also find us on Instagram @SITECH_CS