New versions of SCS900 Site Controller and SitePulse

Trimble have announced upgrades to their Trimble SCS900 software and Trimble SitePulse software.

Trimble SCS900 version 3.60 includes many enhancements.

  • UTS DR Averaging
  • UTS Benchmark Height Setup
  • Live COGO help icons
  • Time-based measurements in Walking and Driving modes
  • Set number of decimal points in Cut/Fill displays

The software can be loaded onto controllers with an active software warranty using Trimble Installation Manager (TIM).

Trimble® SitePulse Software version 1.80 is now available, featuring a new 3D surface viewer.

The software can be loaded through the Trimble Installation Manager (TIM) or via the Google Play Store.

Trimble Updates



Having the latest version means you have the software or firmware’s latest features and advances and can be functioning at your best. That’s why we’re bringing you Trimble’s latest updates.



Heavy Civil Installation Manager has been replaced with Trimble Installation Manager

Heavy Civil Construction Installation Manager (HCCIM) will no longer be supported by Trimble, as of last week, and will be replaced by Trimble® Installation Manager (TIM).

TIM is used to install and update supported Trimble® software to a field controller connected to an office computer or tablet, or an office computer or tablet running TIM.

After the 19th October, the next time you run HCCIM on your desktop, laptop, or Trimble Site Tablet it will automatically be uninstalled and updated to TIM. You do not have to take any action to receive this update. There will be no impact to the way Trimble SCS90 Site Controller Software, Trimble SitePulse™, and Trimble DPS900 Machine Control Systems are downloaded onto licensed controllers.

You can find more information on Trimble Installation Manager on the Trimble website.

Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software version 3.53

product-SCS900The new version of Trimble SCS900 Site controller Software, version 3.53, is now available for download.

This new version contains several enhancements, including:

  • Support for the Trimble Site Tablet 10
  • Pinch to zoom on Trimble Site Tablet
  • 3D surface view on Site Tablet
  • Remeasure existing control points
  • Fine stakeout guide orientation selection
  • Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System export of 3D linework as SVL format

You can load the software and its modules through the Trimble Installation Manager.

Trimble SitePulse Software version 1.60

product-sitepulseTrimble SitePulse™ Software version 1.60 is now available for download. The new version contains several enhancements to features, including:

  • Access to previously created reports within the app
  • Measured point information
  • Wi-Fi rover support

You can load the software and its modules through the Trimble Installation Manager, or via the Google Play Store.

If you would like to learn more about these updates, contact your local SITECH office.

Carving out residential construction sites

WesternEarthworksWestern Earthmoving is a civil contractor who builds roads, subdivisions, services, and drainage with most of their work being residential and in Western Sydney and Wollongong.

Even though Western Earthmoving was utilising a number of advanced site-positioning technologies, the company’s field managers couldn’t quickly determine current elevations on the job site. Rather, they had to rely on surveyors to provide the information.

In order to equip its field managers with the same digital information, 3D constructible models, and GNSS positioning used by its surveyors; Western Earthmoving adopted the Trimble SitePulse system.

Within three months the workflow of their field managers was transformed, with the change impacting the wider team also. Trimble SitePulse allowed the company’s field managers to see all the information they need onscreen, for example, the linework of a road, the centerline, and lot boundaries. A 3D model of the finished surface level instantly showed how much cut or fill needed to happen onsite. “The system lets anyone easily picture where they are on a job,’ says the Western Earthmoving project surveyor. “And it gives basic information only so non-techy people can see clearly because it’s very simple.”

See their full story in this Trimble Case Study.