Laser Scanning. Many industries depend on 3D laser scanning to manage complex projects, enabling them to get jobs done quickly and accurately.

The challenges of 3D are clear. Each project requires the right tools – whether you’re delivering scan data of as-built conditions, performing comprehensive data analysis, or creating a renovation model based on an existing structure.

Laser scanning


Trimble has developed the 3D scanning solutions you can trust to meet these challenges and quickly capture, analyse, model, and produce precise deliverables.



From observations to analytics, in one seamless workflow.

3D Laser Scanning

Trimble Realworks for Laser Scanning

Point cloud processing and compelling deliverables.

Trimble Business Center

Survey CAD software.

Trimble X7 Scanner

Delivers powerful performance with simple operation.

Trimble TX8

Uncompromising performance, range, accuracy, and speed.

3D Laser Scanning Total Station

Trimble SX12 Laser Scanner

Collect survey data, VISION™ imagery, and high-speed scans easily.


Each scanner has performance capabilities to support key applications with varying speed, range and accuracy specifications.

The Trimble X7 and Trimble X9 are built on the same trusted platform, with innovative features like auto-calibration, self-leveling and a laser pointer for georeferencing. The X12 provides higher-end scan performance and unmatched image quality and integrated LED spotlights for capturing imagery even in dark environments. Check the datasheets for more information.

Trimble X7, X9 and X12 hardware can be operated with Trimble Perspective field software running on a Trimble T10x tablet or comparable Windows tablet. With Trimble X7 and Trimble X9, you can also use the Trimble Perspective Mobile app running on iOS or Android phones. Additionally, the Trimble X12 has an onboard interface and the X7 and X9 can be operated using a push button workflow.

The Trimble SX12 scanning total station can be operated with Trimble Access.

One of the main advantages of choosing a Trimble scanning system is the integration with Trimble Perspective software, allowing users to easily control and operate the scanner in the field. You can view recent scans and automatically register scans to each other in the field to make sure you captured all the data you need.

This in-field automatic scan registration workflow saves hours back in the office.

When using Trimble Perspective, export to the following formats: TDX or TZF (Trimble RealWorks + Trimble Business Center), LAS, E57, RCP, PTX, POD.

Purchase Trimble solutions through our global network of Distribution Partners. Our Partners’ understanding of your local industry needs enables them to recommend the Trimble products best suited to your applications. They can also provide product demonstrations, expert training, and ongoing maintenance and support.