No room for error at 322 km/h

Racetracks are often one of the most demanding jobs. The paving needs to be smooth – at 322 kilometres per hour (or 200 miles per hour) there is no room for error.

Scotty’s Contracting & Stone were well aware of this when constructing the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in Kentucky, USA. Tolerances were tight and there were strict specifications. One specification was that there could not be deviations of more than 3mm around the track. Another was that there could be an unevenness of the longitudinal joint in the centre of the surface. Wet weather delays also challenged the tight timeframe.

To make sure they were achieving specifications they used technology, including 3D Paving.

When it was completed Mitch Wright, GM of NCM Motorsports Park called it ‘a hyper-smooth racetrack – the envy of the industry’.