Connect a line string through a collection of points

Trimble Business Center – HCE provides a quick and easy way to connect a line string through a collection of points. Learn more and the different ways to do it in the video below.

Trimble Earthworks Task Tutorial: Load a Design

See the step-by-step process for loading a design onto the Trimble Earthworks machine control software. Want to learn how to master the next generation of machine control? Go to and search for Trimble Earthworks…

Takeoffs from CAD and PDF files

You may already know that Trimble Business Center (TBC) allows you to perform fast, accurate takeoffs from pdf files. But did you know that using both CAD and PDF files allows you to be even more accurate? The video below from Trimble Civil…

Adding superelevation to a road corridor

In Trimble’s ongoing series of editing a road corridor, see how to add some superelevation using Trimble Business Center – HCE.  

Modelling a road corridor through rock

Using Trimble Business Center – HCE, this video show you how to model through a rock surface for a road corridor. This is done using the Conditional Instruction.