VisionLink is becoming more mobile

Responsive web design on mobile devices phone, laptop and tablet pc

VisionLink, the suite of applications designed to help you get better results from your machinery has received a facelift. The rebuilt VisionLink telematics dashboard is designed to work better with smartphones and tablets.

VisionLink takes advantage of the telematics devices probably already installed on your construction equipment. These devices collect valuable information that can be viewed and used in VisionLink applications, allowing you to measure and improve your construction fleet’s hours, utilisation, fuel burning, idling, health, maintenance and productivity.

The redesigned VisionLink telematics dashboard features a responsive website design, allowing it to provide its full feature set and information layout across both computers and mobile devices. It looks the same no matter which device you access it on.

It also loads faster and displays the data in a much easier to read format, less cluttered and with graphs instead of spreadsheets. This gives you the diagnostics at a glance. VisionLink now features an infinite scroll, which loads new data as you scroll down, meaning no clicking between pages.

visionlink-overviewThe new VisionLink also has a much higher level of customisation than the old version. You can now choose what information you see on the screen and in what order. You can also tailor the alerts you receive and the types of reports that are sent to you.

Plus there’s no need to worry about everything coming to a screeching halt as you learn the new dashboard. The VisionLink current version will be kept on in an online app called VisionLink Legacy. Users will be able to hop back and forth between VisionLink Legacy, and the new version with a single sign-on simply by switching tabs in the browser.

Learn more about the new VisionLink on the website.

Trimble ranked top provider of Commercial Fleet Telematics for second year running

FSM-HDThis week, Trimble announced that it’s been ranked as the number one telematics service provider in ABI Research’s 2014 Commercial Telematics Competitive Assessment. This is the second year in a row that Trimble has taken the top spot. The annual survey assesses providers based on a number of criteria and Trimble ranked top for market share of subscribers, vertical segmentation, quality and reliability, regional coverage and organisation health.

Telemetry is the process of gathering data remotely to transmit back to wherever you like for monitoring. As an example, telematics technology is used to monitor the behaviour, health and productivity of remote vehicles. UPG can work with you to provide the right Trimble solutions for your light or heavy vehicle fleet.

“Innovation is at the heart of our business strategy,” said John Cameron, general manager of Trimble’s Field Service Management (FSM) Division. “We’ve recognised that more and more organisations are increasingly looking to integrate their Fleet Management capability with a solution that allows them to manage all aspects of their work and workers in one place and are delighted to be recognised as a leader in this field. Our commitment to our customers does not stop at best-in-class telematics as we continue to focus on driving the productivity of mobile workers through dynamic mobility tools that offer enhanced visibility into the field to transform operational effectiveness.”

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