Do a better job faster using technology

“Even the skilled [operators] know they can do a better job faster using technology,” says Alan Sharp, business area director of strategic software solutions at Trimble.

“[GPS technology] captures information on the machine while it’s working so you can provide feedback to the operator and the back office so they know what’s happening on site. You can see budget rollups and schedule breaks more quickly so you can make critical decisions faster.”

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Carving out residential construction sites

WesternEarthworksWestern Earthmoving is a civil contractor who builds roads, subdivisions, services, and drainage with most of their work being residential and in Western Sydney and Wollongong.

Even though Western Earthmoving was utilising a number of advanced site-positioning technologies, the company’s field managers couldn’t quickly determine current elevations on the job site. Rather, they had to rely on surveyors to provide the information.

In order to equip its field managers with the same digital information, 3D constructible models, and GNSS positioning used by its surveyors; Western Earthmoving adopted the Trimble SitePulse system.

Within three months the workflow of their field managers was transformed, with the change impacting the wider team also. Trimble SitePulse allowed the company’s field managers to see all the information they need onscreen, for example, the linework of a road, the centerline, and lot boundaries. A 3D model of the finished surface level instantly showed how much cut or fill needed to happen onsite. “The system lets anyone easily picture where they are on a job,’ says the Western Earthmoving project surveyor. “And it gives basic information only so non-techy people can see clearly because it’s very simple.”

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GPS on wheel loaders

wheelloader-250wDozers and motor graders are the machines most people enhance with GPS/GNSS machine control – it makes sense, they do the ‘hard yards’ but what about small jobsites or confined spaces? Until Trimble brought out its GCS900 version 12.81 nobody had thought to try GPS/GNSS control on wheel loaders but it makes sense when dozers and motor graders are too large to manoeuvre in your space.

Jeff Drake, the business area manager for Trimble Machine Control Systems, talks to Equipment World about GPS on a wheel loader, and the benefits that can come from it.