Trimble Updates



Having the latest version means you have the software or firmware’s latest features and advances and can be functioning at your best. That’s why we’re bringing you Trimble’s latest updates.



Heavy Civil Installation Manager has been replaced with Trimble Installation Manager

Heavy Civil Construction Installation Manager (HCCIM) will no longer be supported by Trimble, as of last week, and will be replaced by Trimble® Installation Manager (TIM).

TIM is used to install and update supported Trimble® software to a field controller connected to an office computer or tablet, or an office computer or tablet running TIM.

After the 19th October, the next time you run HCCIM on your desktop, laptop, or Trimble Site Tablet it will automatically be uninstalled and updated to TIM. You do not have to take any action to receive this update. There will be no impact to the way Trimble SCS90 Site Controller Software, Trimble SitePulse™, and Trimble DPS900 Machine Control Systems are downloaded onto licensed controllers.

You can find more information on Trimble Installation Manager on the Trimble website.

Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software version 3.53

product-SCS900The new version of Trimble SCS900 Site controller Software, version 3.53, is now available for download.

This new version contains several enhancements, including:

  • Support for the Trimble Site Tablet 10
  • Pinch to zoom on Trimble Site Tablet
  • 3D surface view on Site Tablet
  • Remeasure existing control points
  • Fine stakeout guide orientation selection
  • Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System export of 3D linework as SVL format

You can load the software and its modules through the Trimble Installation Manager.

Trimble SitePulse Software version 1.60

product-sitepulseTrimble SitePulse™ Software version 1.60 is now available for download. The new version contains several enhancements to features, including:

  • Access to previously created reports within the app
  • Measured point information
  • Wi-Fi rover support

You can load the software and its modules through the Trimble Installation Manager, or via the Google Play Store.

If you would like to learn more about these updates, contact your local SITECH office.

Check out Trimble Pulse

Having the latest version means you have the software’s latest features and advances, plus solutions to any known bugs. The most up-to-date software version for Trimble LOADRITE® Communications Controller (LCC) units is v2.01.0002.

It is highly recommended that any new LCC installs are updated to the latest software version prior to installation, and existing units in the field are upgraded as soon as possible. A number of bug fixes have been resolved in recent releases and the reliability of the LCC is significantly compromised by not upgrading.

If you need help updating your software, call our help desk on 1800 SITECH.

SITECH Website has had a face lift

sitechcsWe are pleased to reveal our newly designed website for SITECH Construction Systems. We encourage you to explore the site so we can introduce you to our full suite of solutions.

Our new website, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, is more agile, interactive, and is easier to scan, read and navigate, enabling you to find what you need quickly. The site is responsive, meaning you’ll easily see the website whether you’re browsing with your computer, tablet or phone.

As well as aesthetic changes to the website, we’ve made some changes to the information on it too. You can now find our solutions broken down by industry area, as well as more information on the solutions we provide. We’ve also included some new pages, like Case Studies, and Current Promotions, so you can easily find any of the information that you’re looking for.

We hope you’ll stay to have a look around the new site. If you have any feedback you would care to share please let us know.

Connected Site Finishes two months early

georgiouGeorgiou Group were awarded a land development project in Alkimos, WA, which involved moving 600 000 cubic meters of sand, rock and limestone 1.5 kilometers between the cut and fill zones. Wanting to improve productivity and cost control they turned to SITECH WA and Trimble technology for help understanding payloads, movement of materials, and the productivity of operators and mass haul routes.

The team adopted a range of Trimble solutions including: the 3D GCS900 Grade Control System, 2D Project Monitoring on Haul assets and LOADRITE X2350 excavator scales. Data from this hardware was used by InsightHQ and VisionLink software to improve productivity, increase data transparency and accuracy, and therefore reduce costs. Georgiou used Business Center – Heavy Construction Edition (HCE) software for Mass Haul Analysis and Design Creation. Utilisation of SCS900 Site Controller software and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles augmented the site solution.

The use of these solutions as a connect site gave Georgiou a 33% project time reduction and a 25% hauling productivity gain through transparency of payloads.

See all of the benefits and more details about the solution in this Trimble case study.

Fully equipped to avoid expensive under-loading

aarsleffWhen Danish contractor Per Aarsleff started the construction of its new headquarters they had to excavate and remove 45,000 cubic meters of earth and clay. In order to be profitable it was important to control costs and one way to do this is to make sure the trucks did not run under-loaded. The reason for this according to Par Aarsleff chairman, Casper Gram, is because under-loading each truck by one tonne would equate to an extra 47 truckloads moved on this job, according to his estimation.

See how Per Aarsleff achevied an accurate weighing of ± 3% margin of error with no disruption to the operator of the excavator in SiteView (page 34).