Shortening the project from 120 to 42 days

Interstate 25, a major highway through Colorado, has some of the oldest segments of freeway in the state. It was originally built in the 1950s and no efforts to modernise it were made until recently.

The Colorado Department of Transform (CDOT) selected a local construction firm, Scott Contracting, for portions of the project. This included the bridge work, removing and rebuilding six bridges along 3.2Km (2 miles) of highway, and moving around one million tonnes of material.

For removal and replacement of three of the four on and off ramps at a busy intersection, the contract allowed 120 working days in 12 phases. Scott instead proposed a fast-track method, shortening the project from 120 to 42 days and resulting in a total cost savings of US$500 000. To do this they used the LOADRITE system.

Scott met its goal, removing and replacing 23 411 square meters (28 000 square yards) of 28cm (11-inch) concrete paving, and performing another US$1.2 million of added work within the same time frame.

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