AccuGrade UTS is a high accuracy dynamic tracking system that uses an Universal Total Station (UTS) to track a machine and monitor blade positioning.
An UTS instrument on the work site is used to track a target, which is mounted on the blade of the machine, to determine precise 3D positioning.
Active target technology allows the system to reliably lock onto and track the intended target. This ensures the correct machine is being tracked and eliminates false lock-ons to other active machine targets, survey crews, or reflective surfaces. Built-in search intelligence allows the system to quickly search for and find the target when the lock is lost due to a passing vehicle or other interruption.


The UTS instrument continuously measures the target’s position and transmits real-time positioning data to the operator via the in-cab display, which shows the exact position of the blade in relation to the design. The system combines the position of the target with the known position of the instrument, machine measurements and sensor outputs to calculate precise positioning of the blade tips. The system uses the positioning data to calculate desired elevation and cross slope. Cut and fill values are computed by comparing the position of the blade with the design file. The system makes automatic blade adjustments typically performed by the operator and provides automatic blade control to one or both cutting edge tips.
AccuGrade UTS puts the information the operator needs to complete the job in the cab. The operator simply steers the machine to achieve fine grade surfaces with high-precision accuracy.