Trimble Earthworks. Experience revolutionary features of the Grade Control Platform, engineered to maximise efficiency. Its cutting-edge software and hardware empower operators of all levels to accomplish tasks with unprecedented speed and productivity.

Seamlessly integrate with Trimble WorksManager and Trimble WorksOS for efficient data management and real-time progress tracking. Simplify training and troubleshooting with the Assistant App, accessible on Android phones, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Trimble Earthworks

At Chief Group we understand that success lies in the seamless integration of traditional expertise with innovation and modern technology. Our machine fleet is equipped with the latest Trimble guidance technology that gives us the capability to succeed in a variety of civil construction and earthmoving projects. Chief group provides a wide range of services to the civil construction space, incorporating Trimble machine control into our business plan has been integral to our continued success with repeatability and precision a must in today’s competitive environment.



A revolutionary approach to machine control technology in the construction industry. Cutting-edge machine control system that redefines how heavy machinery operators work, providing advanced capabilities for excavators and dozers.


  • 10″ or 7″ touch 3D Colour-Display.
    • Gorilla Glass.
    • Best visibility even in bright sunlight.
  • Android operating system.
10" or 7" display
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  • User-friendly software designed with input from global construction equipment operators, prioritises ease-of-use and productivity.
  • Vibrant graphics, intuitive gestures, and self-discovery elements enhance usability.
  • Operators can customise the interface to align with their workflow preferences
  • Seamless wireless file transfers ensure access to the latest designs at all times.


Trimble Earthworks is the industry standard Machine Control Solution. Selecting Trimble Earthworks ensures your machine will outperform.

Trimble Earthworks uses next generation sensors and harnessing, hence GCS900 “Trimble Ready” installs will need to be replaced with compatible harnesses and sensors. Some GCS900 CAB kit components are compatible. If you have MS9x5/6 Receivers and SNR434 Data radio’s, these can be used with Trimble Earthworks. We also offer trade in programs for legacy components.

Trimble Earthworks runs on an intuitive purpose-built touch screen display.  After an operator is familarised with the system, (approx. 2hrs training) they can get straight to work. The workflows and menus are easy to understand.

Yes, Trimble Earthworks supports all Earthmoving fleet. Common applications are Excavators, Dozers, Graders, Scrapers, Compactors, Pavers and Milling machines.

Most projects now use the internet for the GNSS corrections. If your site only uses this method, then you can save money by adding the radio when needed.

Yes, our dedicated support team can “dial” into the system to provide support and assistance when required.

Trimble Earthworks can be separated into two key elements. The Plug-n-Play component and the CAB Kit. The low-cost P-n-P kit is installed permanently to the machine allowing you to hire the CAB Kit when required. The CAB Kit simply plugs into the machine with all machine measurements and calibrations stored within the P-n-P’s Electronic Control unit. providing quick up time, without the need for technicians to set-up each time.

Trimble Earthworks uses common components in its CAB Kit allowing it to be shared amongst machines. The display is intelligent, it will identify what type of machine it is on and configure itself accordingly.

For final trim applications, a UTS System should be used. A UTS or Universal Total Station can provide accuracies less than 3mm. On a grader for E.g. the GNSS antenna is swapped out for a prism. Trimble Earthworks works seamlessly with GNSS or UTS, providing flexibility and versatility.

All GNSS Systems require a correction source, more commonly termed ‘GNSS Base Station’. A Trimble Base Station broadcasting CMRx protocol is preferred. However, a base station broadcasting a different protocol will be compatible in most cases. Trimble Earthworks ‘listens’ to the protocol and adapts to itself automatically.

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