Kobelco, Trimble partnership a clear winner

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of earthmoving equipment last year teamed up with Trimble to take its machinery to the next level with the introduction of a Trimble Ready option.

You can learn for yourself how that partnership can benefit your operations with this video created by Kobelco and SITECH Solutions.

The option is available for select Tier 4 Final Kobelco excavator models in Australia and New Zealand.

With a machine control system using automatic, the machine automatically controls the position of the bucket and the boom when operating in a semi-autonomous mode.

All that the operator needs to do is position the machine and simply pull back on the arm control stick where he wants to cut the grade.

The system will stay on grade automatically controlling the boom and the bucket to keep the cutting edge perfectly on grade according to the site plan. It even works with tilting buckets and tilt hitches.

Trimble's SITECH global distribution network provides installation services, personalised training and local technical support for the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform installed on Kobelco excavators.

SITECH dealers understand how to apply Trimble Connected Site solutions across the construction site's operations to effectively improve on- and off-machine productivity.

Select Trimble Ready Kobelco Tier 4 Final excavators are now available in Australia and in New Zealand through Kobelco’s extensive dealer network. The Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform for excavators is available in Australia and in New Zealand through the SITECH dealer channel.

To learn more, contact Kobelco at Kobelco.com.au and SITECH at sitechcs.com or call 1800 SITECH.

Connectivity at bauma 2016

bauma 2016, the 31st edition of the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, was held in Munich in April. This year’s show attracted 3 423 exhibitors and over half a million visitors from more than 200 countries.

One of those exhibitors impressing visitors was Trimble, showing their connected site. They also showed how UAVs and mobile mapping systems can be used to boost safety and efficiency on construction sites.

Caterpillar and its German dealer, Zeppelin Baumaschinen GMbH also had a strong presence and showcased safety, productivity and equipment management solutions. As well as more than 60 products.

The three main themes of the show were connectivity, efficiency and productivity, which fit nicely with Trimble’s connected site and recent announcements on integrations and partnerships with major OEMs.

While Caterpillar chose this opportunity to feature the Age of Smart Iron and to highlight how jobsites can be connected and the industry can evolve.

Held every three years, the next bauma is to take place in April 2019 in Munich. It will be exciting to see how far the industry advances with connectivity, efficiency and productivity in that time.

Launching the new Cat machines with a show

catday-6The Official Opening of the Caterpillar Distribution Centre at Yatala went ahead last Friday (20th May). The 80 plus customers that attended the invite only event were treated to a tour of the new facility. They also watched a demonstration featuring several new machines, some of which were shown for the first time in Australia that exhibited the connected site.

SITECH played a huge part in the careful planning of the project including mapping and generating an electronic, constructible model prior to any planning and fleet selection.

catday-3First SITECH flew a senseFly eBee over the proposed site, and from here were able to create a 3 dimensional plan showing all roads, buildings and services to an accuracy of 50mm. The SITECH Data services team took this data and designed the roads, drain and spoil areas, as well as planning the positioning of the stand where all the customers watched the demonstration from.

Work on creating the site got underway a couple of weeks prior to the event, with the SITECH team and the operators for the Cat machines working over several days to get the design mapped out and the Cat logo dug out by an Excavator. Another fly-over by a UAV captured the construction site in full swing as you can see below.

Hastings Deering Product Manager General Construction Industries, Shane Lennon said “We saw 85 customers attend the event, from medium sized contractors to large national accounts, and to date the feedback has been very positive, exceeding their expectations in many cases.”


The Caterpillar Distribution Centre is a $130 million dollar investment, big enough to store two jumbo jets, and the equivalent of 14 football fields at 56,000m2 has been cited as a vote of confidence in the Construction market after the mining industry slump a few years ago.

The centre, which has a capacity to hold up to 22,000 parts, employs 150 people responsible for shipping everything from a small rubber washer to an 18 tonne engine. The main destination for the parts will be throughout the Hastings Deering Cat dealership throughout Australia, PNG and Pacific Islands.

VisionLink is becoming more mobile

Responsive web design on mobile devices phone, laptop and tablet pc

VisionLink, the suite of applications designed to help you get better results from your machinery has received a facelift. The rebuilt VisionLink telematics dashboard is designed to work better with smartphones and tablets.

VisionLink takes advantage of the telematics devices probably already installed on your construction equipment. These devices collect valuable information that can be viewed and used in VisionLink applications, allowing you to measure and improve your construction fleet’s hours, utilisation, fuel burning, idling, health, maintenance and productivity.

The redesigned VisionLink telematics dashboard features a responsive website design, allowing it to provide its full feature set and information layout across both computers and mobile devices. It looks the same no matter which device you access it on.

It also loads faster and displays the data in a much easier to read format, less cluttered and with graphs instead of spreadsheets. This gives you the diagnostics at a glance. VisionLink now features an infinite scroll, which loads new data as you scroll down, meaning no clicking between pages.

visionlink-overviewThe new VisionLink also has a much higher level of customisation than the old version. You can now choose what information you see on the screen and in what order. You can also tailor the alerts you receive and the types of reports that are sent to you.

Plus there’s no need to worry about everything coming to a screeching halt as you learn the new dashboard. The VisionLink current version will be kept on in an online app called VisionLink Legacy. Users will be able to hop back and forth between VisionLink Legacy, and the new version with a single sign-on simply by switching tabs in the browser.

Learn more about the new VisionLink on the website.

Connected Site Finishes two months early

georgiouGeorgiou Group were awarded a land development project in Alkimos, WA, which involved moving 600 000 cubic meters of sand, rock and limestone 1.5 kilometers between the cut and fill zones. Wanting to improve productivity and cost control they turned to SITECH WA and Trimble technology for help understanding payloads, movement of materials, and the productivity of operators and mass haul routes.

The team adopted a range of Trimble solutions including: the 3D GCS900 Grade Control System, 2D Project Monitoring on Haul assets and LOADRITE X2350 excavator scales. Data from this hardware was used by InsightHQ and VisionLink software to improve productivity, increase data transparency and accuracy, and therefore reduce costs. Georgiou used Business Center – Heavy Construction Edition (HCE) software for Mass Haul Analysis and Design Creation. Utilisation of SCS900 Site Controller software and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles augmented the site solution.

The use of these solutions as a connect site gave Georgiou a 33% project time reduction and a 25% hauling productivity gain through transparency of payloads.

See all of the benefits and more details about the solution in this Trimble case study.